Ein Boot muss auch schwimmen

Am Samstag den 17.5. ging es weiter mit unserem Bootsbauprojekt. Nachdem beim letzten Mal die Schwimmer fertig gestellt wurden, stand dieses Mal der Korrosionsschutz und die Langzeithaltbarkeit auf dem Programm. Dazu wurden nach einer Menge Schleifarbeit sämtliche Holzteile lasiert und alle Kanten mit Silikon abgedichtet.

Nach verrichteter Arbeit wurde unser Boot im Vorgarten provisorisch aufgebaut und die bisher nur theoretisch angenommenen Platzverhältnisse auf Deckpraktisch überprüft und bestätigt.

Der Nächste Schritt wird das Abdichten der Schwimmer von außen mittels Bitumen und eine optische Aufwertung in Bundesfarben sein.

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  5. Who wrote this? Ross? Scott? admirable attempt at French – but I have to call you out on the spelling – its “cherchez”! I am available for future French language consultations should you feel the need to use it again on this blog …. for a small fee – this was a freebie.

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  8. Well, Brigitte you are my sunshine! Back to school. It sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? The drive to and from the campus is going to be bird by bird for sure! HA! I have two big projects so far and I can hardly wait to see which one makes it to the finish line first!Here’s to owning it in 2013.

  9. This is one of those lies that has been circulated so many times by bigots like Fredo that he expects it to be taken as a given, as though it’s common knowledge and factually true. It’s a vicious stigma born of Zionists’ and racists’ hatred of Moslems and Islam. It’s amazing how this entire article seems to have gone over Freddy boy’s head. It’s a miracle someone like that can even type, let alone use a computer. But then again,

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  11. Agreed Krauss. I have mentioned a number of time here on MW and will do so again, with a hearty recommendation.It’s a libertarian outfit but host Scott Horton regularly has guests on that would qualify as left. He refers to the Dems and the GOP as The War Party, and then there’s the rest of us – who largely agree on foreign policy issues.Also – all AWR interviews are available as iTunes podcasts which I use since I’m outside the US.

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  18. totalmente de acordo, dado o meu tom menos erudito e a falta de peso de um pseudónimo a mim sempre me acusarem de que as criticas que faço ao DO seriam vazias e gratuitas. Nesta redefenição de conceitos a escolha entre socialismo ou barbárie torna-se óbvia: venha a barbárie.

  19. Superb dress, so chic and classic, with unique Vix styling of course! Enjoy your rose, I'm sticking with water as it's rather humid and 'headachy' where we are so booze might not be the best. Hoping for a short sharp storm to freshen the air.

  20. I absolutely *love* this idea. I am trying to fathom how it would feel if I could actually enjoy the season for the entire month instead of being so wrapped up in the “stuff” of it that I can’t even relax and breathe. The past few years I think I’ve actually even dreaded Christmas time if I’m being very honest…could anything be more backward or sad? This is a FANTASTIC IDEA!!!Also congrats on your first vlog! Love the pictures, love the music…and you both look fantastic! –LisaThe Dose of Reality recently posted..

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  23. sì, ma FBI o meno, io comunque i miei dati non li lascerei mai in un posto che non so nemmeno dov'è, su una struttura che non so come viene manutenuta e se è a rischio terremoti, inondazioni, incendi, guerra civile…Uno che lascia i propri dati solo sul cloud senza tenerne copia aggiornata costantemente in locale è un folle. Anche senza tirare in ballo il copirait.

  24. dl… det var som fan! Detta visste jag inte. Tack för all denna upplysning.Hoppas att det inte bara är jag som i fortsättningen konsekvent kommer att undvika även dessa islamkramande „verksamheter“.Alla SVENSKAR hör upp! Bidra inte till er egen undergÃ¥ng, genom att med en endaste krona gynna muslimägda eller muslimkramande företag.Detta är en viktig detalj i vÃ¥r vilja att protestera mot ockupationen.

  25. Einfach genial, Dein Lauf. Ich freue mich für Dich: Es ist ganz wunderbar, wenn die guten Dinge sich aneinander reihen und man einmal fühlen darf, das richtige zu tun und dadurch Inspiration für jeden neuen Atemzug zu finden. Das Leben ist schön. Schön, beschreibst Du dieses Leben und kleidest Deine Gedanken in Geschichten. Go for it!

  26. Shane MarshWow, great article! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you articulate the self-healing versus practitioner-facilitated healing issue as well as you have in this article. I kind of got it before but not to the extent that I do now. I totally get it now and it makes complete sense because of the nature of RPT compared to other modalities. I agree that to release the entire thing to the public for free would be inappropriate and potentially dangerous.CheersShane[]

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  28. Dear Conservative Swede, I am afraid it doesn’t sound like the Baron, it sounds like genuine Glistup, I can almost hear him now saying the words with that slight Swedish lilt which makes the Bornholm accent so distinctive. Perhaps the accent comes from all the Swedes that moved too the island in the mid 19th century and complained bitterly about being feed salmon more than twice a week, the changing face of poverty, salmon was poor mans fare then. It is only now that we are factory farming them that the working class can afford it. Deep RegardsYorkshire Miner

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  34. Si un anucio dice que algo es guay, es que es guay. ¿A quién se le ocurre pensar que la publicidad exagera, manipula o miente? Ese niño se habrá dado un golpe muy fuerte en la cabeza aunque no lo confiese, y deberían lobotomizarlo porque ha salido rana. Por su bien.

  35. Non, je ne crois pas que nous soyons par nature pourris ou idiots, seulement il serait un peu facile de dire que “c’est le système”. En fait comme nous partions d’un article sur Meadows, ça tombe bien. A mon avis nous sommes justement dans une belle boucle de rétroaction entre l’individu et le système, et chercher un coupable ne pourra que nous faire rater l’heure du rendez-vous avec le futur.

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  37. Hey Brian, Green Witch – that brings back memories. When was that, 2000?You’re right, it might be smart for Google to use the talent behind Theora. Then again, they just spent lots of money to get some talent through their On2 acquisition.

  38. The game isn’t over yet. Mitchell Johnson coming out to protect Marcus North said a little bit about Australian cricket too. And Pakistan, well, with an attack like they’ve got (Asif, Kaneria, Aamer, Gul), they could be the epicentre of world terror. Wait… let me rephrase that…

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  47. 'She is not a practising Muslim. Clearly by looking at her she does not represent Muslims.'"He said he and his fellow protesters did not throw the eggs at her.Oh no, the woman's definitely not a practicing (read: "real") Muslim. The wanton hussy's face and hair are completely naked. As for the eggs, they must have been an angry, but restrained, warning from Allah for the near-apostate to mend her ways.

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  49. non sai quanto mi piacerebbe farlo. Solo per non sentirli più rompere.@B-Chan: marito tu dovresti contrastare queste mie insane idee, non incoraggiarle! ;-*@Val: Cosa sono i semafori? Ormai tutti gli incroci sono rotonde! XD (OT:occhio?)@Michela: riuscirci sarebbe bello….

  50. ,As soon as Africa solves its problems with AIDS, inflation, warlords, pirates, genocide, and infrastructure, Africa will quickly become the wealthiest metropolitan area in the world. [emphasis added]Seriously: Africa is a metropolitan area? Or how about the fact that I say that Asian and European are languages, or that Africa has just one airport, or that there are books on how to speak African.So good for you. You know that African is not a language!

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  54. I used to come home with way too much stuff from the thrift stores and always ended up with garbage bags of things to take right back. Well, I still do! But I know what you mean . . I love that the things you find are always perfectly your style.

  55. Que interesante lo que está pasando en tu país. También votaría por el NO si estuviera allá, lo que no alcanzo a entender es porque muchos de ustedes siguen apoyando a un tirano que no deja avanzar su economía ni su libertad de decidir.Éxito por sus tierras. Un abrazo desde Chile.

  56. For sure, beeing international is fun! =DYeah she makes every week one quiche, want to come one day for a bite? Oh its a convection oven, not a micro, and yeah I was very excited. These little tools can chage a couple of things in our lives, right?

  57. What a gorgeous recipe… and I can imagine how lovely it tastes. I like how it isn't so thick, too – and the colour is beautiful.I am definitely translating this recipe to make in my Thermomix. I will let you know how it goes.Thank you so much!YUM!!:)Valerie

  58. Ali Abunimah has about Treviño at the Electronic Intifada tonight. This one features a June 3, 2010, tweet from him about Furkan Dogan, the young American the Israelis killed on the Mavi Marmara: “There are some Americans we’re better off without. Furkan Dogan is one of them.”Meanwhile, readers of the Guardian website continue to about Treviño in response to his inaugural column (in his new role, whatever it is) today.

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